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We deliver the traditional taste in a gluten free version. All our products are handmade from scratch using the finest quality ingredients.

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Our first products were developed at home and shared with family and friends. Oh, the unforgettable, homemade taste!

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Our customers agree that our products are healthier and more satisfying than most gluten free foods out there.

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Our recipes are like no other! Unique, delicious and prepared with care with gluten-free equipment.

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Because not all gluten free foods are created equal. Prepare to be blown away by the quality and taste!

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We provide gluten free alternatives to your every day foods. From breads, sweets to meals such as pierogi. You will never believe it is gluten free! Our current product selection includes:



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  • Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with our Margarita cupcakes! The combination of lime, tequila and salt never tasted so good!